English for Young Learners

The Beatles: Reading


Before You Read

You are going to read about the young John Lennon.

Write down three things you know him.

Now quickly look through the article.

three more things you now know about him

Text: Young John Lennon

Comprehension: Medium

1. Find the answers to these questions:

- In which year was John Lennon born.
- In which city did he grow up?
- Who did he live with for the first four years of his life?
- Who did he live with after that?

Comprehension: Hard

1. How old was John Lennon when his father left

a) under four b) four c) fourteen d) forty

2. What was life at Aunt Mimi's like

3. Who first bought John a musical instrument?

4. What were John's feelings towards Aunt Mimi?

5. Which instruments did Julia teach John?


Comprehension: Medium
1. 1940
2. Liverpool
3. His mother (Julia)
4. Aunt Mimi

Comprehension Hard
1. a) under four
2. Comfortable but strict
3. Aunt Mimi and George
4. He loved and respected her but feared her, too
5. Piano and banjo. She bought him a guitar but didn't teach him it.

When John met Paul