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Where do you find snails?

Many places. We have all seen them in parks and gardens. There are also pond snails and sea snails.

Are snails nocturnal?

Yes. They dry up when there's too much sun. Also it's more dangerous for them during the day. Birds and other predators hunt them.

Snails hide from the sun under plants.

Who are a snail's relatives?

Snails are molluscs. Molluscs have a hard shell and a soft body. Shellfish are also molluscs.

What do snails eat?

Every flower in your garden! Most land snails eat plants and other vegetation. They love young plants.
Some snails can eat meat.

How do snails eat?

A garden snail has thousands of tiny teeth. The teeth are on a 'tongue'. This tongue works like a file to break up food.

A snail can eat through chalk and even some stones.

Where are a snail's eyes?

On the end of one pair of tentacles. Snails use tentacles to see, smell and touch.

Which are the biggest snails?

The giant African snail can weigh up to 900g. Its length is up to 39cm.

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